Thursday, March 6, 2008

Paradise Bakery's Crumbly Bleu Cheese Salad

Here's my version and how we pull it off at my house:

Take a bowl full of greens (P.Bakery uses hearts of romaine, I add spinach to mine).

Top it with Caesar dressing and mix it up so the leaves are lightly coated.

Add some sunflower seeds and toss it up again.

Take it to the table with delectable toppings of crumbled bleu cheese and dried cranberries.

Tasha pulls it out and eats it as is. Kyra adds dried cranberries (she attempted this for the first time last week). Bill and I add the crumbled bleu cheese and dried cranberries. Now, I am not a bleu cheese fan and thought it sounded really strange with Caesar dressing, but trust me...this is my favorite salad and it is fabulous! YUM!

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