Sunday, March 9, 2008

How I spend an hour and a half on the internet

1. Log on to check email.
2. Read and respond to mom.
3. What is that from Cost Plus?! Click on it...ooh, that's a pretty dining room set. What kind of wood is that? Rubberwood. Hmm, is that good or bad? Google rubberwood. Click on first link and end up at a site called (Enough said? Well, I'll continue anyway) Rubberwood is a decent wood that is not as hard to come by as teak and bamboo and also doesn't have the skyrocketing price that they do. They call it "sustainable". The rubbertree grows and grows and each year they suck the latex out of it. Eventually, the tree stops producing enough latex to make it sappable (that's my word) so they cut it down so a new tree can grow. The used to burn it for firewood, now they make furniture out of it. I know, I know, too much information. But see, this is EXACTLY how I end up on the internet forever. By the time I get to the bottom of the article there are, of course, other articles to link to. I think the links went something like this: green toys-recycle crafts-plastic bag crafts-making "plarn"-back to plastic bag crafts-clothespin I'll spare you all the details and projects and let you know that I DID read many of the comments posted at different sites. What is wrong with me?!
4. Go back to email.
5. Log back on.
6. Finish looking at the cute napkins at Cost Plus, get sidetracked by the silverware because last night while I was setting the table I was saddened that none of it matched. Since when do I care? I guess since having people over that I think might care. Darn those in-laws! Quit the Cost Plus search because I decided that it is Sunday and technically I am window shopping, even if it's not real shopping.
7. Blog about this!

Does this explain so much about me? Why I don't finish projects. Why my husband can't follow a conversation I have with him. Why I run out of time before the day is over. Why it is almost time to go to choir practice...

It makes me laugh because I think about the conversation in Harry Potter that Harry, Ron, and Hermione have after Harry kisses (or almost kisses) Cho. She tells the boys all the thoughts that are going through Cho's mind and why she might be crying. She ends up accusing Ron of having "the emotional range of a teaspoon". Yes, that is how I am going to justify my now 2 hour jaunt on the computer. Instead of being a "sidetracked home executive" (that's a funny organizing book that completely describes all of my inadequecies) I just really have a lot of interests in a lot of different things, love to learn about everything, and care what other people have to say about it. I love that strangers got good tips from another strangers recycling ideas.

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Rachel said...

That is so me also. Once I figured out how to be informed...I can't stop. I almost miss the days when I would ask one or two people's opinion and have that be it. Almost? And by the way, the coveted King bed set we sold on Craig's list to come to your oh so lovely NYC was rubber wood! We really liked it. There, now you don't have to research it anymore.