Friday, March 7, 2008

Goals for Spring Break:

1. Post and sell bunk bed on Craigs list

2. Post and sell oak bedroom set on Craigs list

3. Address and send Christmas cards!

4. Set up and attend playdate with preschool friends

5. Prepare for garage sale by:

a. cleaning off back porch items

b. cleaning out Kyra's closet

c. cleaning out Tasha's closet

d. cleaning off bookshelf in living room

e. gutting the backroom of ALL unnecessary items

f. eliminating unnecessary VHS and DVD's

g. go through closet and get rid of clothes!

h. make Bill clean off the front porch

j. make Bill clean out his shed

k. clean out hall closet (find key to unlock it first!)

....and the list goes on...

6. Have a garage sale! Friday and Saturday, March 14-15

7. Go to the zoo

8. Set up and attend playdate with 4th graders

9. Girls night out?! (sounds like I need one)

10. Go on a date with Bill (sounds like I need one of those too!)

Bill made fun of my list because I've already done #1 and 5a. I always start my lists with a few things that I can check off to begin with, is that strange?! I didn't think so.

Now, I can hear unstable lady all the way from the center ramada at the park. She is quite jovial because her laughter is entering my living room every couple of minutes.

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