Monday, March 10, 2008

"I am thankful for": (2001?)

(While cleaning out our back room I happened upon this thankful journal. No date, but I believe it was sometime after Bill was baptized (2001) and before Tasha was born (2004).
Thanks to Rachel for her gratitude blog. April for her journal ideas and organizing skills. Amanda for her memory blogs. And Crystal for not being able to go on a hike today so I could stay home and clean.) Anyway, here it is...

my family+ Jesus Christ+ Heavenly Father+ music+ the ability to hear+ photos+ running water+ scented candles+ vacuums+ missionaries+ baptism+ the Holy Ghost+ baseball+ smiles+ children+ movies+ sense of sight+ my husband+ brownies+ chocolate+ books+ ability to read+ education+ high school+ fun+ friends+ orchestra+ hugs+ love+ ice+ water+ a long nights sleep+ sleepless nights+ VCR+ DVD+ tape players+ cars+ the radio+ TV+ paper+ pens+ trees+ birds+ red roses+ prayer+ Priesthood blessings+ paint+ blankets+ sunlight+ Tupperware+ Relief Society+ my calling+ Visiting Teachers+ my house+ good food+ long talks+ silence+ heat+ air conditioning+ a Bachelors degree+ ASU+ financial aid+ New York City+ immigration+ the United States of America+ flags+ the military+ Home Teachers+ Faith+ the Ensign+ copy machines+ my mom+ strength+ independence+ a shoulder to lean on+ warm socks+ Birkenstocks+ parks+ dancing+ spinning+ laughing+ smiling so much your cheeks hurt+ Advil+ Costco+ frozen foods+ microwaves+ news reporters+ air planes+ quilts+ Express lane+ long lines+ Kisses+ extended family+ in-laws+ the smell of leather+ BLockbuster+ clothes+ white shirts and ties+ cheers+ fire+ cloudy days+ the rain+ long lost friends+ electricity+ our founding fathers+ Columbus+ Joseph Smith+ an answer to a prayer+ courage+ obedience+ a gas stove+ homade tortillas+ hair clips+ Nursery leaders+ "sisters"+ the ability to serve+ Temples+ geneology+ good speakers+ PineSol+ Yankee Stadium+ Name Day+ Washington DC+ memorials+ church+ a job+ being home+ marriage+ tense muscles+ massage+ nice people+ telephones+ answering machines+ tow trucks+ lock smiths+ braces+ toothpaste+ a night out+ a night in+ relaxing+ a clean house+ sewing machines+ sign language+ long hot showers+ faith+ prayer+ the park+ good frineds+ the library+ "Feed the missionairies"+ arguments+ making-up+ Elmo slippers+ grandparents+ stamping+ paper-cutters+ computers+ computer tech's+ night lights+ dimmer switches+ cross-stitch+ tolerance+ forgiveness+ family proyer+ fingernail files+ candles+ carpet cleaning+ a free lunch+ the temple+ scriptures+ LDS fiction+ long waits+ paved roads+ traffic lights+ right on red+ yeild on green+ lagging left turn arrow+ forgiving police officers+ flowers

(if April read closely she will have noticed the fashion blunder that I admitted to last week :0. And Rachel, I told you...I've always loved NY!)


Rachel said...

OH that was great. I want to do my part II Gratitude post now! I promise my hard heart will slowly melt toward NY, it's just not quite there yet. You never answered me when you're coming to visit? That was a real question, just FYI.

Helena said...

NY? Soon! Maybe a long weekend during Greek Easter. I think it's April 27th this year. I'm jumping with excitement just thinking about it!