Tuesday, March 11, 2008

An Hour of Observations...

While waiting for Kyra to get her hair cut, Tasha and I hung out at the BK play zone for a while. First, summer is already coming. It smelled a little like stinky, sweaty kids and nobody else was there but us. Second, I need to work on my communication skills. I was pointing out that one of the tubes at the top of the play thing was a police car and suggested that Tasha climb up there. Did you catch the problem in that statement?! Yep, she jumped up on the table and was going to climb up the outside of the play thing to get to the car. Fortunately she decided, "I don't know if I can do this." Next came an employee "to clean up a little," as he put it. A little is about right. He swiped over 2 tables (the 2 cleanest, I might add) with a wet cloth and didn't even get the whole table. And finally, we tried to exit through the playroom door. I know you can't really do this for safety reasons but I had been eye-balling the sign that said, "buh-bye". Seriously. Burger King has a sense of humor and I think it's great. Anyway, we tried to push and push and still couldn't get out. Tasha suggested that we pull. Go ahead kiddo, what-cha-gonna pull on?! (she followed eventually)

As we were walking away from the BK I thought about that lame employee and wondered what he was thinking as he worked. Or, if he did. Clearly a 30-40 year old employee cleaning tables during the lull of the day is not in management. I'm not knockin' him, he's a workin'...or at least he thinks he's working. Seriously, if I was doing his job I would certainly be doing things a little differently. That's when I thought maybe his highly tuned work ethics were exactly why he's a 40 something table cleaner at BK. Is that very judgemental or what?! Good for him for having a job.

Do you know how much you miss when you drive everywhere?! At least as a spelling teacher it is much more fun to look at the hand written signs in strip malls. On our walk back to the hair place we passed some bistro employees hard at work chompin' the bit with some friends/customers. I leaned my head in to tell them that I let Tasha erase the 'e' off of "tomatoe" on their daily menu sign. The girl behind the register said, "yeah we keep telling the morning lady that is not how you spell it." Then I had Tasha walk over to the sign at her feet and erase the 'e' from indoor menu. Boy, that was tough, I would hate for her to exert herself.

I guess I just really miss my fast food days...Taco Bell, the Dollar Theatre (actually, 2 for $1), and Pete's Fish and Chips. When I applied for the job at Pete's the manager asked me to add up like 5 items, with tax. Yeah, that will do, you've got the job. And when I counted back the change he nearly drooled. All right, I'm just kidding about the drooling part.


Rachel said...

When I taught 5th grade a school from a very low income area I would hear a teacher I was friends with say to her students, "Do you want to work at Mcdonalds when you grow up, do your dang homework!" I would always cringe. Like you said, given people's individual circumstances that would be a great freakin job! Maybe the teacher should have said, "Do you want to be as lazy at your job as you are here? No, then do your homework!"

JRV said...

Yum, Petes Fish & Chips. That sounds sooooo good right now.