Sunday, March 23, 2008

My Coke Addiction

My mom came up to me after sacrament meeting today and said in a very hushed and serious tone, "so, I hear you have a Coke addiction." It took me a moment to register what she had said (I was expecting something like, "Happy Easter" or "nice program" or "the girls were so cute"), then, as the comment and circumstances sunk in, I burst out laughing. Here's the story...

Thursday night I developed a migraine which decided to stick around through Friday. I held off on the med's, having faith the the chiropractor would work his decompression magic later that afternoon. It didn't seem to have the instant effect but that evening and early Saturday morning seemed to go fine. Then the screaming started. Not me, the kids. Saturday's are tough because the whole weekday routine is off and everyone is underfoot. Anyway, it came back. I got away from the screaming. I shopped. I tried to lay down. None of this seemed to work so I asked Bill to get me a Coke. Wa-la!

So there I was, sipping soda as I made chili, cornbread, and strawberry shortcake for the Cub Scout Chili cook off. I felt like the drunk lady who sipped the sherry, poured a little into the sauce, took another sip, and eventually was really "happy". Maybe if I had poured a little Coke into the Chili I would have won an award. Oh well. Anyway, the migraine went away with the steady intake of caffeine and I started up again this morning as a precautionary measure. I had to switch to Pepsi this evening since my brother is a die-hard Pepsi man.

I'll probably finish off the 20 oz bottle stashed in my cooler but then I'll quit. So no mom, whatever Bill told you just isn't true. I can quit any time I want, really.

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NiteMare409 said...

Jeez I wish I could quit it any time I wanted to.

Nancy has been all over me for a few years but I get those headaches and get VERY crabby.

Now my doctor is realizing just how addicted I am.

All I want is a little Pepsi!