Friday, November 14, 2008

Reflections on the Morning

I'm having a bit of a lazy morning. I woke up at 6 (that's late for me this week, early for any other week this year) and rolled around the bed for half an hour until Bill's alarm went off AGAIN. Then I tried to kick him out of bed so I could really stretch out but he wouldn't budge. My favorite position on the bed is diagonally and I just can't get there with somebody else on the bed. Several minutes later I ended up as a "mom sandwich" as Bill and Kyra both squished me. Not what I had in mind, but surprisingly I didn't mind too much.

I got up and made Kyra some oatmeal. Third time this week with the breakfast thing, sheesh! I began booting up the laptop so Bill could check his emails before he left and our other computer definitely has some sort of virus. (Darn that hallmark postcard) I packed her a lunch, complete with salad, and sent her and Bill on their way. I grabbed me a juicy red grapefruit (aah, sweet ruby red, how I love you, let me count the ways), and got comfy in my chair to see what my friends were up to.

I guess by many standards (mine included) this does not appear to be a lazy morning. This was all done by 7:30. Now comes the lazy part. It's after 9am now, and I have not moved much. I periodically stop typing and stretch. Not just a little stretch. A great big stretch that starts with a yawn and both hands behind your neck, is followed by the reach for the sky and an arched back, and can end with an audible sigh. You can't fake that kind of stretch, it's real, don't ask me to reenact it for you. Tasha used to do these stretches when she was an infant and it was so adorable. It would take her 10 or more stretches and a half an hour before she would open her eyes some mornings. I took pictures, I should find them but I'm lazy.

Tasha finally got up at about 8am, watched a little "TB"(she's saying TV, but it just sounds like a B when she's still half asleep), and then asked to play her computer. She hooks it up to the TV and the batteries are flashing in the dang thing, but I'm too lazy to get up. It seems to be working fine so we're all good.

To get the full understanding of this next line of Tasha's you have to imagine yourself trying to steam up a mirror. Get your minds out of the gutter and hold your hand to your mouth. Now exhale a big gust of hot air into your hand as if you were trying to steam up a mirror or window. "HUH". Get it? Now read on...

Tasha is typing away and she always likes to type in people's names. What name did she start with? First she asked how to spell "Amaya", a girl from her class. She quickly took that name back and said, "no, no, how do you spell Larry?" Sweet girl, I need to do a post on him. She types that, then her own name and says, "Mom, we have the same letter in our name. H-H-H-Huh-lena, and Tash-Huh!" She's such a letter guru. I'm laughing because we just had a converstaion in the van yesterday in which she spelled her name with 2 S's and I pointed out that her name would be "Tas-sha". Very difficult to say, try it.

Anyway, she went about typing mom and dad and Kyra and then got back to Amaya and again asked me how to spell it. She misunderstood M and typed in an N. At first it was funny because I told her that would be "Anaya" and she thought that was funny.

"I don't get why I'm so silly this morning," she said. Then she was all annoyed because she would have to start all over and that made her mad. Dumb computer. Yada, yada, yada, low batteries, yada, yada... she threw the keyboard on the floor.

It's a good thing that I didn't realize then that I was quite cozy in my chair because I hopped up and put it away. She ran screaming from the room, eventually calmed herself down, and snuggled into my bed to watch Word World. This is the point at which I changed the title of this post from "Tasha is so funny" to "Lazy Morning." I've stretched at least five times and just avoided having to get up and make jewelry with Tasha. I knew I would just have to get her through the commercial break and then she would go back to the bed. How awful is that?! Really, I'm going to get up once I'm done with this post and check in on a few more friends blogs.

But here's how the TV is not evil... Tasha just cam in asking for an apple. After much discussion on where she would find said apple, since I of course didn't want to get up to get it, she pauses to tell me, "I'm sorry, I saw this (holding up a gigantic red apple) on the TV and thought it was really yummy with skin on it." A paragraph or so later she came back in with 2 teeny bits out of the skin and said, "mom can you get the skin off this, I don't like it." In my laziness, we went through a few options (the 2 best ones included me getting up), and she eventually decided that I could just bite the skin off. Amen, I can do that sitting down.

As I have typed several of Tasha's quotes I realize how very influencial Kyra has been in her life. She mimics her older sister and has definitely picked on her phrases. The following are Kyra phrases for sure, because niether Bill or I say them. "I don't get..." is something Kyra says all the time. "I don't get why Tasha does that", is her personal favorite. "I'm sorry, but..." is another one that is usually followed by the reason she's doing something. It's never an excuse or anything, just a simple way that she is pointing out why she is doing something, and it's usually something silly. Which brings to mind that fact that April has taught me the word silly. She uses it all the time in reference to her children, and it certainly has brought a smile to my face when I think about my own children. Thanks (little sis' who acts more like my super-intellegent-holy-crap-how-do-you-know-that sis'!).

It's pushin' 10am now so I think I really better get moving. As soon as this next show is over Tasha is going to harass me with a whole 'nother slew of questions and bog down my brain. I guess I don't have time to check blogs, I better make a run for the shower. I also think this post went way past laziness so I better change the title again. (OK, I never really typed a title in, but I'm going to now)


April said...

Yep, I'm "vedy wise, vedy wise." Quick what movie's that from?

I have had a similar morning (and evening) as you can tell by my blog. I was getting a bit blogged down. Pa ha! I'm hysterical. And, I have yet to brush my teeth and shower and get dressed. But, I fed my kids and put on a movie for the sickie. That counts, right?

Crystal said...

And the answer to that movie quote is "Far and Away". What did I win? Helena's lazy morning?

It sounds like a good morning to me. Maybe after Super Saturday is over Jaylee and myself can have a lazy morning too.

H said...

April, you are hysterical and need to share your maggot pdf with everyone somehow.

Crystal, you and Jaylee definitely deserve a lazy morning, vedy, vedy soon.