Wednesday, November 19, 2008

My attempt at movie quotes

1. I'd send you a bouquet of sharpened pencils if I knew your name and address.
3. I was eloquent, sh**!
4. Take the gun, leave the cannoli.
5. A hundred and fifty two felony indictments.
6. My mother loved to twirl.
7. Oh Birdie, what should I do?
8. That caviar, is a garnish.
9. That nut from the Observer, you know, the one that's in love with his typewriter.
10. F.O.X.


Crissybug said...

You've Got Mail...

Are all of them from the same movie?

Crystal said...

Wow, these are hard. Good for you! You stumped me. I only know #8. I think it is from the movie Big with Tom Hanks? Am I right?

H said...

Crystal, right actor, wrong movie.

Crissy has it right. I only know about 2 movies to quote from and these were all from the same one. I actually had a hard time whittling it down to just 10 quotes.

Yes, I'm lame. I suppose #4 was techincally from The Godfather (which I did not see), but they quoted it in You've got mail.

Crystal said...

Bill spilled the beans yesterday when he came to pick up Kyra. Tricky, H, very tricky.

Pam said...

I know # 7! Thats a great movie! But thats all i know... : )