Friday, November 21, 2008

Movie Answers...

Yes, I'm lame. They were all from You've Got Mail. Here's who said what in case you care:

1. I'd send you a bouquet of sharpened pencils if I knew your name and address. (It is in the first email that Tom Hanks sends to Meg Ryan, she repeats it later that morning.)
2. (Steve Zahn says it to Meg after she is stood up and the rooftop strangler is reported to have been in the area she was)
3. I was eloquent, sh**! (Tom Hanks when talking about how he compared his bookstore to a giant can of olive oil you can buy at Costco)
4. Take the gun, leave the cannoli. (Tom, quoting the Godfather)
5. A hundred and fifty two felony indictments. (Tom, while discussing what the handle NY152 could stand for)
6. My mother loved to twirl. (Meg, in the little bookstore)
7. Oh Birdie, what should I do? (Meg, re: if she should sell the bookstore)
8. That caviar, is a garnish. (Meg, to Tom as he is scraping the caviar off the perimeter of a plate of food)
9. That nut from the Observer, you know, the one that's in love with his typewriter. (a customer to Meg, talking about Meg's boyfriend)
10. F.O.X. (Tom's nephew spelling his last name... F.O.X.)


Pam said...

Ok Helena I was totally wrong on # 7... My movie was completly differnt than your movie! I thought i was smarty pants hmmm!

btg said...

#10, isn't the kid his brother?

H said...

Wow Babe, you actually read all the way to the end. You are right (and that's the last time you'll hear those words this year). If I said I was just tesing you would you believe me?!