Tuesday, November 4, 2008

"NTS: Don't approach Crystal in Her Car"

If you know Crystal and haven't read her post on Toyota and fertility, go do it and then come back. If you don't know Crystal, you won't be able to get on her blog and you can just stop reading.

After reading her post on Toyota I was laughing so hard I had to run to the bathroom to stop from peeing my pajama pants. (On the way through the livingroom I told Bill to go read it.) I was curled over laughing so hard that my back hurt and my neck ached. Do you know what that feels like? When you are laughing so hard that your whole body hurts because it's about to go into a spasm? Deep breath in, deep breath out. Breathe with me here, my neck finally feels better. Seriously, the only two people that have made me laugh that hard lately are Bill and Sara, mostly because we are both laughing so hard we just feed off of each other and can't stop. What a riot. Hmm, I think the Lightburne's get us busting a gut too sometimes. Well, you get the point... I was laughing h.a.r.d., really hard.

Bill had already read the post didn't think it was that funny. (He would have if he had read it WITH me, and not before I had) He wasn't offended or anything he just simply said, "don't you women get that some things shouldn't be bloggable?". NOPE, we don't. In fact he later gave me the title to this post (which is why it is in quotation marks). So the "NTS" (note to self) is actually a "note to Bill" since on many a sunny Arizona day I might actually want to jump into Crystal's car and air myself off.

So my real question to Crystal is this: When can I borrow the Toyota?!


Crystal said...

It's Jared's car so you'll have to ask him. He may turn red if you tell him why you want to borrow it. That might be fun to watch, especially if you do it at church. I'm glad you found it funny too. It made me laugh in the car for about 5 minutes when we were discussing it.

The Turley Times said...

Think of all those calories you're burning. We should get together more often!

H said...

Sara, tomorrow at gymnastics! Maybe we can burn as many calories laughing as our children do on the floor. I could use a good laugh right about now.

Crystal, maybe I'll have Bill ask Jared as he hands him his tithing or something. That would be a riot and they'd both turn read.