Saturday, November 15, 2008

Clarification on Theatre 4301

I guess my sarcastic wit and sheer love for hippies was lost in my last post. I should clarify, not just for my readers, but also for posterity sake and the chance that I don't remember what I was trying to say a year from now.

The best analagy I can give that most people will relate to is this: imagine you are around a campfire, holding hands with your dear friends, singing "Koombaya my Lord, koombaya...Koobaya my Lord, koom-bie-ya..Koombaya my Lord, koombaya...oh Lor-ord, Koombaya." Now do you get it? You're swinging back and forth and the feeling of complete peace has filled your body.

As for the rest, I'll try to explain...

There was an eighth grader that was amazing as he was singing on stage. I couldn't really tell if he was sincere in his enthusiasm, or if he was just hamming it up. Either way, it was charming. I'm not really in love with him.

I think nose rings are cool. I'd never get one because of the nasty nasal drainage that could really cause some infections and possible injury with blowing. I used to have 3 piercings in one ear and 2 in the other, and if the Prophet hadn't spoken up about one piercing only I'd probably have several roaming up to the top of my ear by now. A nice, thick silver band on the side of my left ear would be nice.

I think tatoos are kind of sexy. Again, I'm sure I'd never get one because of what happens to your skin as you age, but still, they're cool. I went to Las Vegas once and a friend and I almost got temporary ones to surprise our husbands. The problem was they were tatooing you up in the middle of the street and I could never stand for random strangers staring at me. This was the same trip that we rushed the stage of a fake Beattles band just to be obnoxious because we were bored.

Does this help? I'm a freak and now you know it. I think SOMEONE we know had a belly-button ring though, harass her.


Marie said...

hahahahahah, Ok not so disgusted now, I thought you were repeating what you heard from other students in front of you and that was the result of the day. But now knowing that it was your thoughts I understand more now. You are so silly.

proud parents said...

If I were to ever get a tattoo, it would be the Hebrew "chai" on the inside of my right wrist.