Monday, November 10, 2008


A friend forwarded me an email claiming that I could get a free laptop for my child just by forwarding it to 8 friends, plus the email address provided. Knowing that it was a fraud, I checked out your site on the topic just for kicks. Imagine my surprise when I realized that you were just as annoyed with this stupid topic as I am. You always answer the claims in a fairly forthright manner, void of any opinion, and always full of proof of the true or false status of the claim. After you proved the free laptop offer to be false, you ended with this:

"The bottom line is that no matter what incarnation of this silliness one receives, the principle is the same: there's still no free lunch, and big companies aren't going to hand out fabulous vacations, $1,000 bills, free trendy clothes, new computers, cases of candies, wads of cash, or new cars just because someone with a functioning Internet connections does them the favor of forwarding an email. Though at first blush, participating in such pie-in-the-sky wishfulness appears perfectly harmless, such participation serves to only clog up already overtaxed resources. Oh yes, it does one other thing: it gives the idjits that cook up these frauds a great big laugh at others' expense."

So my question is this: what if someone offers me a set of used tires, or a pair of worn jeans? Maybe if I forward an email to 1 person I will get 1 shiny new penny. I'm just kidding with my silliness. I appreciate you trying to make light of the ridiculousness of newest form of chain mail. You made me laugh, although I believe that someone that really believes in this stuff won't understand what "no matter what incarnation of this silliness" means. They will forward the next one on, and the next, provided it isn't exactly the same as the one you prove false. I'll try not to feed the "idjits" laugh track and end them all in my inbox.


PS. If you read this post on a blog and post it on your blog and 10 other people post it on their blog then nothing will happen.

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