Tuesday, November 11, 2008

FHE: With a Veteran's Day Twist

Typically (for the last 5-6 years), our family (me and the girls) visit the veterans we know (mostly church members) on Veteran's day (or the day before). It's fun and we get to chat with these old guys that crack me up and kiss my cheek and their wives spoil my children and we smell like old people by the end of the day (but it's the good old people smell 'cuz we don't know any dirty old people). The planning (done by me) for this event (the visiting with a small token of our appreciation) usually begins well over a month before the big day of November 11th (that would be the beginning of October, or maybe 2 weeks, or even the week before Veteran's day). I have the girls make something cute out of red, white, and blue (something original and not too tacky), bookmarks are a favorite of mine. Well, this year did not work out so well. I've had a rough, emotionally draining, and spiritually challenging month or so. I feel really lame that I didn't recognize any of my good old boys this year. Not even the homeless guy at the park that served in Vietnam. Brad, I'm sorry! I wanted to bring you a sandwich but then the cops were at the park and Kyra came home, and Tasha needed a nap, and then you were gone. I hope they all understand, even though they gave more than I can ever imagine and never did complain that it was rough, emotionally draining or spiritually challenging. I hope they forgive us and know that they are absolutely, positively, 100% not forgotten. They are loved, cherished, admired, and prayed for on this day, and many other days during the year.

Here's the one Vet that I was able to thank today:
He's "papa". Rex, my mom's husband, my step-dad, and the girl's grandfather. They love him and adore him, even on a grumpy day. He is retired Air Force, served in WWII, Korea, Vietnam, and in the Air National Guard. We had him (and his wife, my mom) over for dinner. Two hours before (that's a new, all-time calling-it-close record) they came over I had the girls sew the 2 stars that you see in the picture above. As we were sewing I explained to the girls that this would be a different kind of Family Home Evening tonight (I felt cheesy just letting the night slip by without making mention of it since I knew very well I was going to count this as FHE). I told them that the important thing about FHE was to be with your family and we were lucky to have Momo (my mom) and Papa over for dinner. We were even luckier that Papa had served in the military for us and that we should honor and thank him. Surprisingly, no argument from Tasha. Even when I explained that there would be no prayer-song-lesson-treat-prayer thing going on. Things went well, even though he can hardly hear a stitch, and I am so grateful to Bill for being able to talk with him. Rex even told a funny story that he pulled on my mom. He needs to laugh more, he takes life too seriously.

Thanks Vet's, We Love Ya!

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Crystal said...

That's a fabulous idea for FHE. I may have to steal this idea. I'm impressed you know some of the people at the park as well. You're a great example to all of us on how to really take advantage of this holiday and teach our children to appreciate the vets out there in the world.