Wednesday, November 26, 2008

$5, the Mean Girl, and I've been slammed!

What is it about getting a $5 rebate in the mail that makes you want to jump for joy? It's not the $5, even if you do really need to buy butter and milk (which I already had). I think it's the fact that when you read the ad you were excited that you could get such a good deal. You went to the store, bought the specified items, tore off the proof of purchases, copied the sales reciept, enveloped it up, and sent it off... doubtful that you would ever get a response. But wait! Low and behold, just when you had given up because it was the end of the "9-45 week processing" time, you receive the check in the mail. WooHoo! 5 bucks, whatever shall I do? Maybe I'll frame it to prove that rebates do come through.

I was walking past the livingroom, listening to the girls argue with each other about nothing in particular. I said, "Hey, mean girl?" and Tasha answered, "what?". Are you laughing? I was.

Then I open an email that was in response to an email that I had sent earlier that day. We'd been debating back and forth for a while and I wasn't making much sense for who knows what reason. I think I ususally make sense, but today was an off day. I finally found a quote that totally summed up my thoughts and sent it away. The response I got? Here goes: "That is a coherent, well-thought out statement.Where'd you quote it from, cause I know you didn't think it up." OOOOOOOOOUUUUUUUUCH! I actually said that out loud. The kids asked me if I was alright. I think I'll be fine. What a riot.

Now I'm going to go enjoy a scrumptious turkey pot pie that I actually cooked all by myself, from scratch. Well, the crust was sort-of by scratch, and looks atrocious, but it all smells delish!

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