Tuesday, November 25, 2008

OK, here's my real attempt (sorry if you're bored with movies by now)

Yes, they are easy. So the rule is (at least for #4 and #5) that you have to answer with another quote from the same movie.

1. Man, this dude's got dogs. I don't do dogs.
2. You're a flat, lying, curd dog.
3. You're killing me Petey!
4. You mocked me once, never do it again.
5. Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming.
6. You broke THAT jaw?
7. My boyfriend likes them because they make his junk smell like pie.
8. No, what you heard was the President's girlfriend telling her boyfriend that she had a bad day.
9. Who else would order lettuce and tomato without something like tuna?
10. It-lee? What are you doing in It-lee?!

The bonus quote that only Bill will get. Don't judge me, it was a memorable line:

"When God made man, he made 'em outa string. He had a little left so he made that little thing. When God made woman, he made her outa lace. He didn't have enough so he left that little space. Thank you God!"

Hint: The actor played a lead role in one of the CSI's and he was very young in the movie. In CSI his character really loves bugs.


Crystal said...

Man, you got me again. Okay, here are the ones that I know:
#4: Princess Bride - here's my other quote "As you wissssssshhhhhh!"
#5: Finding Nemo - here's my other quote "P. Sherman, 32 Wallaby Way, Sidney"
#7: Juno
#8: American President (I think that's the name - it's the one with Michael Douglas in it as the Pres.)

That's all I got. I can't wait to see what the others are.

H said...

Oh, come on Crystal. oYOu can do better than that. I bet you can get 9 and 10 if it wasn't so late :)