Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Dear postcards@hallmark.com

I think you might be a farse. I think you might be some sort of virus that is trying to embed yourself into my computer. I think that I should have looked you up on snopes.com before I started typing this email but it's late and I'm getting tired and maybe one of my friends knows about you.

I have received many an email from you claiming that someone I know has sent me an email postcard. Just click on the above attachment it says to open the love and joy that has been sent to you via our company, from one of your closest and dearest friends. Aah, computer love. But wait, the zip file won't open and then it goes all widjitty on me and I worry that the whole dang computer will explode. DELETE! DELETE! DELETE!

So now, my dear email postcard company, I just delete instantly upon receiving your correspondence. It is sad, I know, but I have to do it. There is never anything there and I can't take the rejection anymore. It's like a dear friend calling (because the caller ID says so) and then I get nothing but static. So sad. I fell for it time and time again, but now I just live knowing that nobody will ever be there.

If your intent is to send peaceful or inspiring messages to the world it is not working. The links at the bottom of the email don't work. I can not reply to the address you supply. Now, I will just ignore you, delete you, and hope that if there ever really was someone that loves me at the other end of the postcard they will contact me in another way.



Jaylee Draney said...

I've gotten several of the same emails. My virus detector won't let me open it. Although, I still hope maybe, just maybe, one of the emails will be a real e-card for me, telling me I'm a neat girl.

FizixMamma said...

Yeah, I just delete them too, why risk it?

Crystal said...

I've gotten them lately too and my e-mail says there is a virus so I delete it. It's a scam so keep on deleting it. There are mean people out there who know that people will open the e-mail because they think it is from a friend and then you get a computer virus. It's cruel and it makes me stinking mad!

H said...

Jaylee, you are a neat girl :)

So are the rest of you for that matter!