Monday, November 17, 2008

NTS: Don't Shop at Costco While Hungry

...especially if it is before they put out all the samples.

...especially if you've been up for a while and have only had an apple.

You will buy a 32 oz container of hummus that sounds really really good and realize that nobody else in your house likes the stuff. So I guess somebody needs to host lunch this week, I'll bring the hummus and pita chips!

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Jaylee Draney said...

Ahh, the hummus dilemma. I also have to deal with that in my house. Clint won't touch it, Asher tolerates it, and Emma gags on it. Is it the Oasis Naturals? I always give extra to April since I can't finish the entire container by myself before it goes bad, yet I can't seem to stop buying it when I'm out of it because it's so tasty.