Thursday, December 11, 2008

You gotta love YouTube

Several weeks ago I had a post in my head titled, "a whole lot of love going around". It evoked thoughts of a song I thought I'd heard or sung or knew of vaguely. I can almost hear the tune, but just can't get it. This morning (after some scripture reading, workout avoidance, blog reading and commenting) I decided to search for the song and possibly put up the post. It's just not going to happen, because this is what I found: (If you are really bored you can click on each link and be entertained by some old videos)

I started off my search and found Led Zeppelin. Clearly, not what I was thinking of (I even just misspelled the name and had to correct it). As is typical to my teenage years, I had no idea what the song lyrics meant. Who am I kidding? I still don't. When I looked up the lyrics after one of the choruses it said, "various mumblings and screechings with cool effects". (Is this only funny because I've been up since 4am?)

An Irish group named Six has a version out that I stumbled upon. I'm not sure what to think about 3 guys and 3 girls singing about a whole lot of loving...(hmm) This song is apparently the 3rd best selling single in Irish chart history. Go Irish!

This Abba video that I just couldn't watch all of. I'm choking back tears of embarrassment right now as I decide that I have to post this. What is the deal with Abba?!

So now, if anyone has any idea what song I am thinking of please help me out. If not, go find something good to post. And I want to make it clear that my timestamp does not always work right, sometimes it appears to be an hour earlier than it really is. Bill doesn't believe me.

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FizixMamma said...

If you think Abba music videos are funny, search youtube for "worst music video ever" if it looks like 70's outer space its the right one. It makes Abba look brilliant.