Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas Eve

The way to do Christmas Eve, when you have a young family, is to bring the family to you. I don't know how I became the host of the Eve festivities, but I sure am grateful that I did. I'm also smart enough to do things on my time frame, which also leaves plenty of time for younger people to hoopla afterwards if they wish. This means that dinner is served between 5 and 6. Yep, the typical dinner time for my kids so we can keep things as normal as possible. Tamales and chili have always been a standard, my mom added a green chili egg casserole a couple of years ago, and next year I will have to include cheese quesadillas if I want Tasha to eat anything and she hasn't expanded her food repritoire. This year, in addition to the typical red meat tamales, I added some green corn. YUM! Also, I had the vegetarians bring the chili which meant that I had some delish eatings that I did not have to fix. Double yum!

It was a great time with sprinklings from both sides of our family represented: my mom and Rex; Rex's granddaughter Tiffany and her husband Jay; Bill's dad and Maggie; Maggie's daughters Katie and Lizzie, with Lizzie's boyfriend Andy. Sheesh, if you include the 4 of us that's 14 people in my teeny house. It didn't seem that crowded.

Typically the kids get to open one gift on Christmas Eve. If they have made it through December without having to have new pj's, then the gift is pj's. If I did have to cave and purchase sleepware before the big day, we'll pick something else for them. This year I let my mom give them the pj's and she upped it one by including slippers as well. (that's 2 things, instead of 1!) Next, Maggie had found some webkins that she wanted to give them and of course, delights in seeing their reaction. (that's 3 gifts now) Finally, Tiff and Jay showed up bearing gifts this year which is not typical. They brought a few things for Bill and I, which was totally unnecessary, but greatly appreciated, and one gift for each of the girls. Hello?! Those girls are spoiled... 4 gifts on Christmas Eve?! Nice.

Tasha recieved Pop Beads from Tiff and Jay
Notice the big kids playing with the toy and Tasha running away

The girls in their new PJ's
Kyra has froggies, Tasha's a monkey

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Crystal said...

I like their new pajamas and the tamales were awesome. Thanks for sharing your left overs. Tamales are one of my absolute favorite mexican dishes.