Tuesday, December 2, 2008

A Very Odd Experience

I left my house this morning to go to do some scripture studying with the Randalls. They live 2 blocks away, so I grabbed my scriptures, some paper and started walking over there. I was so excited I almost skipped. What a nerd I am. Can you tell I never went to seminary as a teenager? As I turned the corner to their street, probably with a stupid grin on my face, a shiny, big, red, 4-door truck was slowly driving down the street. They slowed down and hesitantly asked me for directions. They were looking for a warehouse. I start thinking of the industrial section of Tempe just the other side of Broadway. Then they changed the words and said they were looking for a place called El Dorado. Hmm, the name sounds familiar, but not for a warehouse anywhere in Tempe. Why does that sound familiar? Then it comes, they are looking for the Bishop's warehouse. OK, it's not a warehouse, but I get it what they are talking about. But why are you here in Tempe on 19th Street?

I have no idea how long these members from Central Phoenix had been driving around and/or how many streets they had tried to go down. By what means to you suppose that they just happened to drive down a side-street in a clearly residential neighborhood, found a member walking to another member's house carrying scriptures at 9:30 in the morning? Do you think they saw the scriptures? As I gave them directions it occurred to me that they probably just exited the wrong freeway (I10, when it should have been Loop 101) and sort of tried to follow the directions of "turn left after 2 lights onto El Dorado". Hardy would have been the 4th light after the freeway so I wonder how long they had been meandering around how many streets in Tempe.

What a very odd experience.

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FizixMamma said...

Hey I got the dragon pattern I am so excited, THANK YOU!