Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Scott just wrote a post on the recession that I found full of hope for the future. He's a pretty smart guy that follows this stuff so I'm going to take his word for it that we're not falling into the pit of despair. Actually, I liked his common sense approach to work hard, do real work, and things will be fine. Stop trying to make a quick buck, buy a cheap house, and get rich quick. These are all concepts that my inept, financially-ignorant mind never really understood anyway.

Of course he had to thrown in a bit of wit that made me chuckle. Here's the best line he used in reference to housing:

"I'm also thinking of all of the labor that went into building cookie cutter McMansions in the most remote locations of our dear desert just so people could have the illusion of money. They could feel rich in their pillored-stucco houses miles away the city center where they pile into their SUV's to commute each day across miles of dessert."

I love it when Scott is funny, even if he's not trying to be. "McMansions"! I'm going to sit quietly in my little brick home and wait for the wolf to come knocking at my door to let him come in. No way Mr. Wolf, not by the (coarse) hairs on my chinny-chin-chin!

(Seriously, go read his post... it's good and not too long!)


tempe turley said...


Thanks for the nice comments... I guess I was trying to be really cynical with some of those comments. I have a complicated relationship with housing... I often really frustrated with myself not being able to get my house in the way I'd like it as quickly as I would like to. And I guess in a fit of anger, I write stuff like that when folks I know buy houses twice my size brand spanking new. I know some of it is jealousy... But at least I made you laugh, so that's a good thing... :-)

H said...

Always a good thing to laugh Scott. Now you're getting it :)

I used to be jealous of those houses but I got over it.