Tuesday, December 9, 2008

We All Took the Day Off

Yesterday was a crazy day with kids fluctuating between being sick, fine, sick, cranky, fine, asleep, awake, cranky, fine... I didn't know what was going on with either one of them. Kyra started off the day by staying home from school, but I took her in at 10:30 at which point she was fine. She came home cranky and irritable and tired. Tasha started off at school, I picked her up and she was fine, but then she spent a good 15 minutes cuddled in my lap (whose child is that?!) and then another 30 laying in bed. She layed around watching TV for another bout before she finally got up and played with her friends. When we all got home Tasha went back to watch TV and was asleep from about 5-6:30. Kyra was OK but couldn't really get anything done or make a decision.

Because of all this (and I'm not including the fits of anger or cries for attention), I consulted Bill on the possibility of both the girls staying home on Tuesday and him being able to come home to watch them while I went to tutor in the morning. Nice guy that he is, he decided that he could take the day off too. (Twist his arm!) This made my life much easier.

Neither of the girls was really sick with any symptoms but a day of relaxation and no pressures of keeping other people happy definitely brightened their day. By the time I got home at 12ish they were almost on each others nerves though, so I took Kyra to AZ Mills mall to shop for some much needed pants. I know, I know, bad mom... you're home sick, act like it! Whatever! We found several pants and some jammies (me too!) to wrap up for Christmas Eve. I found the "rice guy" at a kiosk on the last stretch of the mall, and I got part of a gift I have been trying to figure out for a while now. We ate some blackened chicken and veggies then headed home.

I sometimes worry that when I leave home with just one kid the other kid is sad. I imagine them lying in their room wailing away, "where is mommy? Maaaaaah-meeeee! Where aaare you?!" Alright, I don't really think that, but I don't like coming home and being trampled and told that I should have taken them to the store too. So as I'm driving home I try to prepare myself for the dreaded entrance. I'm driving down Broadway, past Hardy and am waiting to turn onto McKemy. This is the street that goes by the park, right in between Pizza Hut and Wendy's. It is taking for-e-ver to turn left because of all the late lunch traffic (?). I'm cursing myself for not just waiting out the light at Hardy because I'd be home already and I hate sitting in traffic more that I dread my whiny children. (Did I really just say that?!) When I FINALLY turned onto McKemy this is what I see...

Tasha and Bill walking home from Wendy's

(Tasha is sporting a purse on her right arm while holding Bill's hand)


Amanda said...

Just for you I put a link to the talk on my blog entry. What was I thinking????

Life sounds really busy for you!

Marie said...

Haha! And you got a picture of it. How terribly cute!

April said...

Now that is cute!