Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Bill, stop reading.

No really Bill. Go away now.

Dear friends,

I need help in purchasing some good smelling stuff for my husband. He waited until now to tell me that after shave or cologne would be a nice gift this year. Apparently it was last century that we made the last purchase. YIKES! I have no idea where to start and the idea of sniffing several bottles and/or even going into a store laced with all those aromas is giving me a headache.

Suggestions please?!




Monique said...

Anchor Blue has a really nice smelling cologne for men. It comes in a black bottle.

I know he probably doesn't shop there, but it smells good.

P.S. Shaun doesn't have this cologne, so he won't look like a copy cat or anything. (I got it for my BIL for Christmas)

April said...

Body Shop usually has some non-assaulting scents.

Crystal said...

Just don't go for Old Spice that stuff stinks and I'll have to stop coming around if he starts wearing that stuff. I really like Cool Water. It's a nice cologne and I think you can get it at Walgreens. We could have gotten it last night if I would have read this post earlier. Sorry about that.

H said...

Mo, you win... by proximity. I was able to find and purchase a small bottle at the Mills. There were only 4 smells so that made the pickin' nice.

April, I couldn't find a Body Shop closer than Mesa and that was not on the way to anything Christmas Eve. (I did try Bath and Body Works... did you know the one at the Mills is now a closeout store?)

Crystal, Kyra and I went into Walgreens and sniffed and smelled so many flavors with another lady. My first thought at Cool Water? "He'll smell like every other man I go to church with!" I seriously thought I was in the chapel. We went with a sportier cologne (Adidas, I think), although I really, really, tried to like the Beckham brand.

Thanks for all your help ladies! The thought of Perfumania made me sick... and actually passing by TWO of them at AZ Mills made my nose itch. Sounds weird, but Walgreens turned out to be a nice trip.