Sunday, December 7, 2008

A Bunch of Turkeys and the Pilgrims That Shot Them!

Most of you don't know Bill's family, so here they are... (I'll try to name them from left to right but the rows aren't really defined now are they?!)

Back row...Bill (Bill's dad), Hank (brother-in-law, he's on his tippy toes), Billy( Bill's son, he's flat footed)
Second Row...Maggie (dad's lady), Me, Katie (neice), Bill
Third row...Abby (neice, she's bending down so her turkey head doesn't block "bomps's" head), Kyra (you know her), Marica (his sister)
Front row...Tasha (with her first Webkin, a chocolate lab)
Marcia and Hank live in Minnesota but they also have a home here in Arizona. It's in north, north, north Scottsdale. Marcia and I agreed that calling it Carefree would be a little more accurate, but technically it's a Scottsdale address. They bought it completely furnished and use it like some people would a cabin, but instead it is a golf home. You see, Minnesota isn't the best climate in the winter for a golf family.
Marcia is Bill's older sister by about 6 or 7 years I think. She has 3 kids: Katie (she's graduating from ASU this month), David (not pictured, he's at school somewhere great that I can't remember the name of), and Abby (about 2 years into a local college in Minn.). Bill also has another sister, Susan (2 years older), who also lives in Minnesota. She has a daughter, Jessica, that is about 2 years older than Kyra.
Obviously we had Thanksgiving dinner at Marcia's house. It was a little odd since they golfed all morning and afternoon and we didn't eat dinner until about 6:30. This worked out perfectly for us though because we were able to get a lot done around our house before we headed out. In fact, I got so caught up in moving furniture to accommodate a Christmas tree that I almost forgot to make the cranberry sauce to take to dinner. Bad H! I think Bill was a little annoyed that we left late after waiting around for so long. We all had a lovely time, in a lovely home, with lovely family. Thanks Marcia for being the hostess!

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