Sunday, December 21, 2008

I Need some Freaking Sugar!

Last night I caved, I ate some sugar. Of all things to give in to it was some super sweet, homemade wedding cake frosting. It wasn't much, but it was enough. This afternoon I drank some 7-up. Now I'm paying for the sugar downer... I have a headache and my eyes hurt. I figure if I have some sugar now, maybe I can sleep off the pain.

I found some fudge in the fridge that my mom made for us. Yum, but it's chocolate too and I don't want to eat too much of that. I searched the fridge, freezer, 2 cupboards, and a drawer. FINALLY! Vanilla snackimals. Nothing like a good animal cracker to ease the sugar craving. After a half an hour of snacking I'm still not feeling any better so I check the packaging to see why this sugar is not helping out.

Who bought these freaking snackimals?! 100% natural. No hydrogenated oils. No trans fats. NO FREAKING SUGAR!!! I read through the ingredient list twice before I found the sweetener: unsulphured molasses. What?! If your going to use molasses, at least leave the sulphur in it for Pete's sake.

I actually yelled at Bill, "why hasn't anyone brought us cookies today? I need cookies!" To this he replied, "our home teacher brought us a soup mix." Nice. Actually, it was VERY thoughtful and I totally appreciate the fact that his wife didn't sabotage my no-sugar binge. Apparently I can do that all by myself in less than 24 hours.

SOOOOOOOO, now I know why all my friends are freaking out and swearing... it's the sugar season and you all are on a sugar down or sugar high and are a little high strung. This also explains why Jaylee is in control, she's a salt gal.

Now here's my request: please don't bring me any cookies. I feel so miserable that I'm quitting again... as soon as I finish all 7 servings in this #*&^ snackimals bag.


April said...

I would just like to say for the record that although I have been a sugarholic my whole life, I do not thik it is the reson for my foul language. I blame that on Ryan. He curses like a sailor and I found it funny and funny sticks in my life. We enjoy cursing at each other in different languages - its a sign of affection in our home. &*^$$##& Love,

Jaylee Draney said...

"Seeming" in control due to the controlled substance I prefer does have its drawbacks. I'm expecting a diagnosis of hypernatremia and high blood pressure any day now. So carry on with your sugar addiction. Swearing at your husband or a headache once in a while won't kill you, but carrying a salt shaker in your purse will.

Jaylee Draney said...

I also love how trying to do the right thing for your family by purchasing healthier alternatives to sugary snacks has now come back to bite you on your bum bum.

FizixMamma said...

You remind me of Little John- he is a marshmellowholic. I hid them for a few days and I think he went into withdrawl. If I let him he would eat the whole bag in one sitting- and then crash after a half hour run at warp 8.

Crystal said...

I'm sorry you caved. I have no excuse for my crazy behavior. I wish I could blame sugar but I don't think I can.