Wednesday, December 3, 2008

WHAT is she talking about?!

I put Tasha's hair in ponytails. "Not ALL of my hair, just some of my hair". I don't know what this means because she doesn't want small ponies on the top of her hair. So I put half in one pony on one side, the other half in the pony on the other and tell her this is what I know how to do, if she doesn't like it we can redo it. She goes to the mirror to check it out and says, "Mo-o-om, that's what I was talkin' about." OK, I don't know what hair I was missing, but I guess it wasn't all the hair. Then she comes up with this: "this could be hair for Girl-Scout because this is what you need to do to be in Girl Scouts." What is she talking about?! Kyra hasn't been in scouts all year and Tasha never even went. Weirdo.

Tasha likes to name all the "friends" in her class at preschool. Then she likes to quiz us and make us repeat as many names as we can. This is annoying. This is really annoying to Kyra if it is asked of her right after school when she wants to stop thinking for a while. So Kyra plays along for a while but Tasha grows impatient (really?!) and harasses her for more names. I never heard Kyra say this (and she was sitting right next to me) but Tasha says, "don't say that Kyra!" "What?" "Don't say and the rest of your frickin' friends." Kyra didn't say it. I didn't say it. But Tasha said it, used the term correctly, and I'm frickin' ticked off at myself for teaching it to her. Maybe it wasn't me though, I'm pretty sure I say freakin'. So I wish all my potty mouth friends (PAM!) would stop using these terms around me.

As Tasha is pulling down her shorts to change into pants because she has finally decided that her legs are cold, she tells me that she has to hold onto her underwear so they don't come down. "You need underwear for places like school and stuff." Well, yeah sweetie, you do. When exactly do you not need underwear?! She continues, "that would be gross if you didn't have underwear." Right again, but where do these thoughts come from?!

Did I ever post Kyra's "worm house" story? She was about Tasha's age and that was a riot!


~The Pies~ said...

I love the pictures! Finally I get to see a pic of you and Bill. You are one creative lady! You guys look great!

Pam said...

i will do better! FREAK! = )