Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Stories from a Missionary

My nephew Cory is serving his mission in Taiwan. I posted a fabulous story that he had written about how the spirit can come and go so quickly depending on the situation. These next 2 stories he sent have nothing to do with the spirit, but I thought were interesting in their own way. So know you will see that missionaries can keep it light-hearted and laugh too...

So here is a cool story or two..>

> First one. Well my chinese really has improved but i do still make mistakes. So we were at this guys house up on a hill this past saturday, we were there for a funeral, we got to teach a group of catholics about the our plan of salvation. That was cool. but anyways, this house was up on the hill, they were the aboriginee people and they dont like living in the city. It was starting to get dark and i wanted to see our little city below us at night. So we walked to the side of the house but it wasnt a good view so we decided to go to the upstairs part of the house. So we started to walk to the house and i popped the question out "where are the stairs?" the second i said that i knew i messed up becasue it just felt weird coming out, and then the guy we were with and my companion just started to crack up. Then i realized what i had said. Instead of asking them where the stairs were i had asked them where the "naked body" was. Yeah, that was pretty funny, but its okay i wasnt really embarrassed i just laughed it off and corrected myself.> (My question is: who are these missionaries that know how to say "naked body"?!)

> Second story is while we were at that funeral they had a bid like dinner. They wanted us to eat with them, so we did. We had just the traditional Chinese dinner rice, meats, vegetables. But they had something special to eat. This is something that like i have never though of eating before. But my companion and I decided that we wanted to try it. We ate rat. Straight up rats that they caught in their corn fields. It was pretty nasty. It tasted like the smell of a wet dog. I would not suggest eating it. The people loved us, they laughed when we ate the rat. Some guy came up and grabbed one of the rat heads and sucked the brain out of it. That was pretty nasty. I am pretty sure that he will get some sort of disease because of that. ha ha. But it was fun to go up there. All the people really loved us we got a group picture before we left. So you guys will be able to see that sooner or later. Oh i also ate chicken gizzard. That was really nasty. That was probably grosser than the rat. Oh well, look at all the fun things that we get to do as missionaries! (Um, that's is just disgusting!)

On another note, Cory and his companion went to town on Thanksgiving to have Mexican food for dinner. I wonder what Mexican food tastes like in Taiwan. There will be no official holidays in Taiwan until the new year in which they will party for 7 days straight. Interesting. It is probably a lot easier to celebrate Christ's birth in a place like that. Hmm again.

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