Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Dear Pam,

Thanks for coming over this mid-morning and catching me playing hearts on my computer in my pj's. Clearly it was late enough that I should have been off my booty and doing some work. Clearly my children should not have been on the couch eating Chex mix for breakfast while watching TV. This is what visiting teachers are for... to bust you.

See, it's all in what you said about Christmas deco bugging you. I knew it was irritating me to have my tree still up, but I was dragging my feet. I just didn't want to tackle it. But something snapped after you left and I lost miserably at hearts. I showered, fed the kids, and took that sucker down. I feel better already.

In fact, I think I've done more this afternoon than I have in the last 2 days. Thanks for that brief visit and let this be a lesson to all you visiting teachers out there... the last day of the month is never too late to drop by, you never know what you will find or how you will affect the one you visit.



April said...

Isn't this what vacations are for...starting bad habits that you have to break within a week? You know, like sleeping in and letting your 1 yr old stare at the television because HE turned it on, not you. Right?

H said...

Oh April... if only I could sleep in...

Pam said...

Well I'm so glad that I was of some asstance to you!! That's what VT are there!! Glad you got your bootay in gear and got those decorations down! It does feel good! Thanks for letting me do the last day of the month thing and catching you in your jammies! YOUR HUMAN!!