Saturday, September 6, 2008

A whole day...with my husband?!

Seriously, who scheduled this day and why hasn't it happened before? It felt like we were dating again and all googly sappy in love. Aah. Here's how the day went down:

Slept in, computer time, showered, took one kid to the church to set up. (This would be the time before you meet your boyfriend to go out. One kid doesn't count as "the kids" since one kid doesn't cause nearly the fiasco that multiple kids do.)
Brunch. (kid table means adult conversation at our table)
Drive to my brother's house to dump the kids.
Drive to the temple. (No kids= no arguing+ no questions+ no interruptions+ no whining = happy lady with time to talk)
Temple sealing. (Need I say more?)
Drive to pick up the kids. (more time to talk, discuss politics, complain about stupid people saying completely inappropriate things)
Pick up a battery for the dead van. (aah, he's taking care of my vehicle for me! OK, in datingland I don't drive a van, but I also don't know that replacing a battery is about as far as this handsome guys mechanical skills go.)
Reception luncheon. (Again, kids are off and old enough to take care of themselves. More adults to talk to, WOW! I lost Bill for a few moments while he held a baby... who doesn't love it when their boyfriend acts all fatherly?!)
Drive kids to our friends house to dump them off again. (no talking allowed, they're tired and cranky)
Dinner with Bill's learning team from school. (This time it was adult conversation with a few drunken stories which were stupid. But it was like when you go out with a group that you don't know very well and you whisper a few remarks in your boyfriend's ear like, "we're busy that day" because you never, never, never, want to see these people again and you can't wait until you get in the car to drive home and gossip about all those weirdos. OK, I'm being harsh...I liked one couple but I'm pretty sure the other 2 didn't even know I was there.)
Pick-up the kids and home by... 11:00?! (What respectable parent keeps their kids out that late before 9am church?! Not us, we're dating. These must be someone else's kids.)

So then you get home from your long old date and realize all of the things that you were supposed to be doing on Saturday but didn't because you were all giggly silly and your face hurts from smiling. We actually had a couple moments where my stomach hurt from laughing so hard. (I'm trying to figure out how to blog one of them but I just don't think it will play out right) He drops me off at home and I realize I didn't get the sheets washed so I stay up late to finish that. I also need to prepare a lesson for Sunday School but decide that we can just finish up the scripture search lesson that we started last week. (Sorry to burst your very-prepared-and-totally-trustworthy-teacher impression) The only disappointing part of the day was sitting at dinner enjoying a deliciously scruptious bite of overpriced steak and thinking, "this would be totally worth it if only my real friends were here."

Anyway, since my boyfriend dropped me off late but he's actually still here we're gonna go make out now. And Bill, you can't comment because I don't know how serious we are yet and I don't think I would have let you know I have blog.


Nancy said...

I'm still awake and it's ummm 1:35am if that makes you feel like you're in bed sooner than someone else in the ward (LOL). Got home from work at 12:45am so it's not very fun getting ready for 9am church at 7am with 5 or less hours of sleep.

I enjoyed reading about your date. We couldn't go today/yesterday because I had to work and Matthew didn't remember he needed a babysitter until it was too last minute to ask around. I'm sure it was a beautiful day though.

Hey, no fair by the way on your date. When we have kids those date nights seem to go away. I should get Matthew in shape and have him plan one for us so we can be totally silly and giggly too.

Monique said...

1. Hopefully I wasn't one of the "talk about people who make inappropriate comments" people.

2. Eww, you make out?! ;)

3. Next time, invite us...we like steak too...unless of course, we fall into category one.

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FizixMamma said...

That's great. Since we live with my Mom and are so close to John's parents we have tons more babysitting options and we've been on more dates in the month since we've moved than since the baby was born. We consider anytime we're in the car/public without the baby to be a date. I'm totally with you about the wish I liked these people thing, I hate that kind of awkwardness at obligated functions.

Bridget said...

rofl your hilarious I'll be laughing for a while thinking of your "date".