Monday, September 8, 2008

Dinner is Served

Last Thursday I realized that I hadn't started dinner about 5 minutes before I rushed out the door to take Tasha to gymnastics. I gave a chicken gravy packet to Kyra and pointed to the one pan dinner recipe and said, "Here, will you make dinner?" Astonished, she gaped at me and said, "What? You trust me to do it myself?" Of course I do silly girl. You amaze me with your abilities every day. I'm sorry I don't tell you that enough.
And so it was. I arrived home to a perfectly cooked chicken and rice dish complete with a side of canned green beans. What a delight!

1 comment:

Monique said...

Hmm, I could use her at my house...if she can take a packet of gravy and make that!

You got yourself one amazingly talented girl. I enjoy our activity nights and getting to know her better.