Sunday, September 7, 2008

Finger or Toe?

We had a delightfully unplanned day of bliss yesterday...except for the car rides. Anyone who knows me knows I have completely tried to avoid driving anywhere with my children. At the end of the summer I actually stayed home all day with them instead of going to the fun gym with the totally cool swimming pool, the library, IKEA, and even to my friends houses for a little girl time. I was miserable with a capital M. I assume the Lord had some hand in this Misery because our new routine involves Kyra carpooling to school with her dad and the bus picking Tasha up for preschool. Why the Lord? Because now I have exactly enough time to get to the temple, do a session, and race home to meet the bus that is returning my youngest child from 3 hours of mother-free bliss. But, back to my point...

We drove the clunker all day yesterday because the battery in the van died that morning. (If you don't understand "clunker" please search the word on my blog page or ask Monique who was privledged enough to drive it lately.) The problem with the car is that the children are now much closer to us and in a more confined space. They do have a bit more space inbetween them, but not enough. When Jaylee asked for an example of what they fought over I could only think of the latest argument.

Kyra: No.
Tasha: Yes.
Kyra: No.
Tasha: Yes.
Kyra: NO! I don't want to smell your feet.
Tasha: Kyra-a-a-a-a-a!
(at which point I look back to see Tasha in a very contorted position trying to stick her foot in Kyra's face)
Me: Tasha, cut it out.

Seriously, what do you do about this kind of argument? Kyra, just smell her stinky foot. Tasha, what in the heck? Then the smart man at the table pipes in, "you could have them play finger or toe." OK, you've got me know. What is finger or toe? "It was on Scrubs. You close your eyes and try to guess if it's a finger or toe." Hmm. I don't even want to touch that one.


Marie said...

hahahahahahaha! Oh no I am on the floor laughing now. I know exactly what episode he's talking about too! That was hilarious H. I needed that!

Crystal said...

I know that episode too (you can borrow it if you want - it's funny) and we have had similarly retarded fights in our car too.