Saturday, September 27, 2008

I need some Brandon time

Tasha is obsessed with babies. She loves to hold them, play with them, talk to them, and did I say hold them?! The poor kid doesn't get to touch the ground. She also loves to carry him around which is completely nerve racking. I don't even think Tasha weighs twice as much as Brandon, but she will try to haul him around, hoist him up, and carry him to his mom. She is very wobbly when she does this. In this particular picture Tasha is helping Brandon suck on his toe.
The problem with this little obsession of Tasha's is that I don't get any time to see this little man. Tasha is always in my face and asking, "can I hold him?" Argh, back off kid! Last night Tasha was distracted for a few moments by another friend so I got to chat with Brandon for a while all by myself. I'm not sure, but when I took him from Crystal and I smiled at him he smiled back. I gave him a little kiss on the cheek with a little "hi Brandon" and I got the cheese-faced-wonder of a baby smile. It was the one that said, "hey, I know you...and you're OK." He melted my heart and hung out with me for several snuggly-baby-drooly minutes of glee.
Now my problem is that I miss that little guy. All day I was thinking, "I need a little Brandon time."

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Crystal said...

I would love for you to have some Brandon time so I can have some gardening time. Come on over any old time. How cute! I love that pic of him and Tasha.