Monday, September 8, 2008

FHE: 4 down, 48 to go

Apparently, forth time's a charm!
"There is beauty all around, when there's love at home..."

That was the lesson, and so there was. Love at home.

Too bad it didn't last through the night...but that would be the glass is half empty speaking. Sorry, FHE was a success. WooHoo!!! Great lesson babe.


Monique said...

Glad to hear someone had a calm FHE...lets just say I am glad the kids are sleeping. ;)

It must have been daddy teach day! :)

FizixMamma said...

I'm glad your FHE was a sucess, that was our RS lesson sunday and it got me all inspired to try harder. My brother has to speak in sacrament next Sunday on "developing your testimony" so I gave a lesson on testimonies for FHE and afterwards casually ask about that talk he has to give and he's like "yeah I don't even know what I'm sopposed to talk on" and I ask "wasn't it written on the talk tips paper they gave you" and he looks and it is and he mumbles something. I'm just kicking myself 'cuz I did the lesson to give him a jumpstart on the talk and I don't think he's connecting the pieces. At least Jon and my Mom got something out of it though.