Saturday, September 27, 2008

Feng Shui THIS baby!

This is the end table right next to my "reading chair".
Hmm, what am I reading?!
(man, that's embarassing...did I really take a picture?!)
If in the Feng Shui world this chaos represents some part of my life, what part is it and therefore, what part of my is this chaotic? The biggest problem is that this particular room has 3 entryways so the table is actually in 3 different Feng Shui locations. In order of most used doorways to least here is where the chaos is:
1. front right corner
2. back right corner
3. back left corner
So, would some Feng Shui expert let me know which aspect of my life USED to be messed up so I can watch for the fabulous changes. I cleaned it up last Friday. It's still got a lot of literature, but it's dusted, stacked, neat, and organized.

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April said...

I have a feng shui book. You're welcome to borrow it although it may get lost in your new stacks of organized books. Hmmm. Maybe you can just read it while you are at my house. Tee hee!