Saturday, September 27, 2008

Handwork is my Thing

I joined the parent's handwork group at Kyra's new school. I had no idea what to expect, no idea what our projects would be, or what crazy Waldorfy parents would be there to socialize with. I was pleasantly surprised on all counts.

A few days before the first meeting April and I were chatting. She mentioned that she wanted to go to handworks but wasn't sure if she could make it all the time. Now I knew one person, yay me! After I got there and we started our project another parent came up to me. She was a friend of a friend that I hadn't seen for probably 5 or more years. When Kyra was 3 or 4 we used to hang out at Peter Piper Pizza with several other moms while our kids ran around pretending to play the games. (they were all young and we were too cheap to give them money) Two friends now, double yay.

Then there was the project. Sewing small pieces of felt together to create a dragon. I kept calling it a dinosaur (what do I know, I have girls!), but it was the simple act of hand stitching that was so delightful. It brought back memories of junior high when I used to make little bears and create silly clothes for them. I even made a wedding dress and tux for a pair of bears to sit on my mom's wedding cake. I know, I know, BIG NERD!

The final project, a dragon family to be donated to the school store

A close up of the first 2 dragons. Oooh, aah.

Super soft crochet blankets for my nephew's baby girl. The one on the left was the number of stitches it was supposed to take (apparently I'm a little uptight, it was about 1/3 the size it was supposed to be), the one on the right is the final project, folded in quarters. Thanks to Bridget for the super easy pattern and the inspiration for these babies!

Dragon inspired baby toys that I gave at another baby shower. The Waldorf parents gasped at the idea of using bright red, white and black colors for these toys. (muted pastels made from vegetable dyed wool felt are the Waldorf way) Oh well, they were stinking fun to make!
So, for my husband who thinks I sit around all morning eating bon-bons and watching soap operas, here are the fruits of my labors. I am also almost finished with another table runner for my mom, did some more stitching on a friends quilt, and am waiting further instruction on how to finish an oversized washcloth (apparently I'm not an uptight knitter). Maybe I should fix that hole in Bill's pants.
April once told her sister that she liked "homemaking Helena". The part of me that stays home and bakes bread and can hang out and chat. She's OK I think, but I like "handwork Helena" a little bit better. She can sit and chat while she does her handwork. Invite her over sometime.


Monique said...

Red, white and black are perfect colors for the babies. :)

Look at you Miss Handywork! I have a table runner that needs to be finished if you are up for it. LOL

Marie said...

You are very talented! And I love Dragons but I'd rather they were made out of red black and white too! Maybe you need to come over here and teach an old gal new tricks hehe!

Rachel said...

Are you kidding me? You are SO handy. I am not and that makes me wish my guts out that I was sitting there in a little Waldorf circle learning from the best(A.,H.). Miss you muchas.

P.S. How is Beyond the Rainbow Bridge? Maybe you should do a blog review of it soon? My lib doesn't carry it which makes me so sad b/c it's so hard for me to buy books on a credit card. Feels so wasteful!

April said...

Oooh, Aaaah. We need to do handwork together to gossip about hostess and so you can teach me how to start my stitches and end my stitches. It always looks really messy to me and I am sure that "nerd you" has a better way of doing it than beginner me.

The Turley Times said...

I love the Homemaker Helena, too....(those pears are coming in this week, my friend!)

FizixMamma said...

Darling dragons. I'd heard of handwork(handywork?) but was never sure what it was, now I see that its something I've done all along. Do you have a pattern for the dragons, I'd love to make one for little John, but maybe in boy colors.

H said...

Mo, if you are done with the sewing machine part, bring it over.
Marie, I think you're younger than me (old gal?)!
Rachel, no I'm not kidding you :) Rainbow Bridge is awesome but a review will do it no justice. I borrowed April's copy. You'll just have to come HOME and read it.
April, nerdy me's door is always open.
Sara, bring on the pears! Yipee!
Carol, address please. (I misplace everything!) Or I'll just send it out after I get my leaves!