Monday, September 15, 2008

FHE: 5 down, 47 to go

I was beginning to think that this Family Home Evening thing was bringing our family closer together. This afternoon Tasha was going through the assignments and we decided to call dad to see if he might need help with the treats. He said yes, we switched assignments, and I made a pie. (mostly because Crystal was baking a blackberry pie and my mouth was watering for berries!) Tasha played happily this afternoon with barbies and homemade dragons (do fantasy Waldorf dragons and big boobed generic barbies mix?), Kyra and her got along until Bill got home, the dogs were frolicking happily in the backyard, and we proceeded with our night.

Opening prayer: Tasha
Song: Bill, Tell me the Stories of Jesus (practice for Sunday's program)
Lesson: Kyra, her talk on God's plan for us (practice for Sunday's program)
Treat: H, triple berry pie (all stuff from the freezer, including the too old crust)
Closing prayer: Tasha

As we finished eating the pie, Tasha shoved it across the table, ran away, came back, insisted on eating it (but we had already gotten rid of it), and then stomped off to the living room in a fit of rage because she didn't get to eat the pie she really didn't want and she didn't want to put up the barbies or go to bed. Such is my life, and we were still singing.

"If the Savior Stood Beside Me..." as Kyra cleared the table and put the dishes in the dishwasher WITHOUT being asked. What a doll. She tends to step it up a notch when Tasha's rage is aimed at one of her parents and not at her. "...would I do the things I do?" More screaming from the living room ..."Would I think of his commandments and try harder to be true?" Bill gets Tasha to put up the barbies with his help but then she doesn't want to brush her teeth, goes into the bathroom with Kyra, comes out and lies about actually doing it, and thus we have yet another fit. I rewrite the lyrics to the song...

If the Savior Stood beside me,
Would I act like such a brat?
Would I run off wreaking havoc
And acting like a rat?
Would I beat up on my sister?
And step on the dog's head?
If I could could see the Savior watching me
heading off to bed.

If the Savior Stood beside me,
Would I make such a big mess?
Would I disobey my parents or try
harder to do less?
Would I throw such a big tantrum?
When "take 4" my mother said?
If I could see the Savior watching me

heading off to bed.

And now I will stop because Bill wants to know why I am "dis-sing my child so bad". If I was really that upset I certainly couldn't be writing this song to such a sweet tune. I love her. She makes me crazy. I wish things were easier now, but hopefully they will get easier later. I think I remember tougher times when she couldn't really communicate, but when she chooses not to communicate when she can, she makes me crazy. I love her. That's my mantra. Sometimes I shout it at her. She makes me crazy (have I said that yet?)... I yell at her, "TASHA!" She looks at me not-quite innocently and I yell, "I LOVE YOU!" She yells back, "I LOVE YOU TWO!" (yes two, because sometimes we get to "I love you three.") Such is my life, and another week down.


The Turley Times said...

I know they all have their moments, but isn't it hard when one child is being a complete beast and the other is being an angel not to love the angel one more in that split second? I am so proud of you for keeping this going 5 in a row!!!

April said...

It's not dissing, it's truth and it's venting. If we couldn't vent we would actually behave less apropriately around those that we are venting about. That's my theory and I'm sticking to it!
Love love love the song. You're brilliant!

Ps I find it funny that Sara encourages your FHE and I encourage your complaining about Tasha. I think you needed both. Aren't friends the best?!

btg said...

FHE actually went very well. Technically, Tasha's fit came after the closing prayer...There is a big difference now than 5 weeks ago. The kids look forward to it and know its coming. Now, if we could only get Tasha to accept her job and not try to change it moments before we start!