Monday, February 2, 2009

We Passed Inspection!

Bill took Kyra to school this morning and had to wait around until her head passed the official head-lice inspection. She got the seal of approval and wa-la, she's in! Yippee for us. And by us, I mean all of us! Thanks to Monique, Ester, and Crystal for helping me dig through hair and Bill for making the trek to school and being late for work while he waited around to see if she was good to go.

The last time Kyra missed this much school was in the 2nd grade when she had double pnemonia. She missed the school overnight and was quite sad. The school was supportive and missed her, but not like Desert Marigold. I've received 2 phone calls and an email from her teacher and the kids were delighted to have her back. (Both this time, and last week when we thought she could go back.) Here's the conversation Bill had with some unknown girl...

Girl: Are you Kyra's dad?
Bill: Yes.
Girl: Is Kyra here today?
Bill: Yes.
Girl: Is she staying?
Bill: Yes.
Girl: YES! (and she runs off to tell a group of kids)

That's my husband, a man of many words. Give him a break, it was still early. We're assuming this was a girl in Kyra's class. Bill did go talk with her teacher to let her know all was well.

What a relief this is off my shoulders. I felt so good this morning that I actually pretreated some stains on some shirts as I did laundry. With the 10 extra loads of laundry this past week (sheets and towels every day) I haven't had the energy to do anything other than shove them in the machine and hit the buttons. It was so bad that when I bought laundry soap I bought the powdered kind, opened it, scooped it, and THEN realized I couldn't use it in my machine. DUH. We got a high efficiency machine last summer and it only takes "he" liquid detergent. I'm such a genious sometimes.

Now I need to decide what to do with Tasha. She's still laying in bed and preschool started 5 minutes ago. That's what I get for enjoying my friends and letting her stay up late several nights this week. Oh well, I'm sure she can make up the work. :)

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