Saturday, February 28, 2009

In honor of her THIRTIETH birthday, here are 30 great things/traits/characteristics about Monique, in no particular order. Please feel free to add anything I've missed in the comment section.
  1. Supermom!

  2. Great teacher

  3. Organized

  4. OCD, in a good way

  5. Intelligent

  6. Thrifty

  7. Lover of her family

  8. Recycler! She's green baby.

  9. Well read

  10. Interesting

  11. Food storage guru

  12. A gardener

  13. A chicken farmer

  14. Patient

  15. Excellent Achievement Day Leader

  16. Caring

  17. Very compassionate for children

  18. Cute pregnant person

  19. Excellent cook

  20. Fabulous baker (have you tried her cheesecake?)

  21. Lover of brownies

  22. Believer

  23. Trustworthy

  24. Follower of Christ

  25. Good friend

  26. Great painter/decorator

  27. Hair stylist/cutter
  28. Blogger (DUH!)
  29. Long-distance friend keeper (which is harder that it seems!)
  30. and, last but not least... drum roll please... and I mean this with all kindness and respect for true talent and use of her OCD qualities... Monique is a fantastic "nit-picker"!!! Nothing will bring you closer to her than hours spent with your neck in anguish as she carefully, considerately, and very thoroughly searches your head for nits!

I love you Mo for all these wonderful qualities and more! Thanks for your friendship and all the good chats. Thanks for loving my daughter and making her 8-12 year old years a blessing. Thanks for being a great example of a wife and mother, one that I try to emulate from time to time (because I can't keep up the rest of the time!). I feel very fortunate that our children and the church brought us together.

Happy Birthday Mo!


Monique said...

You are soo cute! Thank you for the post all about made me smile. A good way to start my day! :)

Crystal said...

How about very organized with her food storage and looks like she's 18 years old every day. She has a natural beauty where she doesn't even need to wear makeup. She is also very good at watching other people's kids that's why she was a great nursery leader and why she was so amazing when she took in some of the Stephenson's kids when they moved. I was incredibly impressed that she was willing to do that. Very selfless!

April said...

She's a great visiting teacher. And, I agreee with Crystal, she's very selfless and cares a lot for others. Happy Birthday Monique!

Bill said...

Monique has a great sense of humor and a cool husband. She plays a mean game of Wizard! Wait until we introduce her to the onlinr version...

H said...

Selfless!?! How could I have forgotten that one?! Sheesh, it's a good thing I've got the Merril's to keep up on things. Yes, Monique is very selfless. Bravo!

Bridget said...

She is very helpful When ever she would come over and see I needed help with something she would just jump right in and help.
Oh ya I would have to say very thrifty we went shopping the other day and I got 4 meals worth of food and she got like 20 and I only spent half of what she spent.
And she is a very cute pregnant person. I think its great that she doesn't even really show but shes so far along.