Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Salads, Park Day, and Email addresses

I like to share salads with Tasha because she only likes the greens and a few carrot slivers. That leaves all the good cheese, nuts, and craisins for me. She'll eat just about any kind of salad too (most greens and most dressings). Her favorite is probably romaine and spinach with some sort of balsamic vinegar dressing. She will eat small crumbles of feta with this combination if you don't make a big deal out of it.

Just today I found out that she likes the middle "crunchy part" of the romaine leaf. The part that is white and has no flavor that I usually toss out. This is very strange to me that someone would choose to eat that. Again, this works out nicely for me when sharing a salad with Tasha.

Our personal favorite salad at the moment is Fresh and Easy's Craisin and Bleu Cheese for $4.06 (after tax). Yum. We grabbed one today on the way to the park. Oh, and speaking of parks... I'm taking over Mommy and Me until it is too hot to be outside. Because I'm me, and I don't care what time works for you, we're rescheduling to fit my schedule. Future Mommy and Me's will be on Tuesday's at 12:30 and we will meet at one of the many Tempe Parks. Look forward to a master schedule (as soon as I get on the ball), spread the word, bring a lunch if you'd like, and come enjoy the AZ winter. This will be a weekly venture, so join the fun. I do need your vote though... does there need to be a bathroom available at the parks we go to? Yes or no? Thanks for your input.

Also, since I have your attention... I don't have email addresses for many of you. If you have not received any email correspondence from me in the last month or so consider yourself lost in my book. When the computer crashed so did the address book. If you want to hear from me you'll have to step up, put yourself out there and email me first. Thanks for understanding that I don't hate you, I just can't contact you.

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Marie said...

Actually lunch at the park sounds like a great idea. Love the Tuesdays thing too. I have no say on the bathroom thing, I may have to learn how to go before I leave the house.