Thursday, February 26, 2009

All I Know About the Economy

Bill emailed me this article on Ten American Companies that Won't Cut Jobs. And I quote:

"Apollo (APOL) is a large education company almost no one has heard of. The firm has a stock market value of $12 billion and had sales of $970 million last quarter. Its operating profit on that was $307 million, so the company has obscene margins. In the last year, Apollo's shares were up almost 30%. While Apollo may not be well-known, it largest division, the University of Phoenix, is well known because it is the largest private university in the country. As people find that they need new skills to find work, Apollo is in a position to take advantage of a drop in the economy and rise in unemployment. "

I imagine we should feel very fortunate about now. We're also lucky that he's gotten a 12% raise over the past year. As Bill says, "that's not bad for a recession". I guess we'll count our blessings instead of complaining about some of the insignificant things. A job is a job right now and I'm thrilled that my husband has one. Thanks babe for having a job, going to your job, keeping your job, and supporting our family.

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