Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Sweet and Sour

I was about to post about the fabulous feeling that I had after talking with a friend and winning at Hearts, but now I'm pissed off beyond all belief so I think I'll introduce a new title post: Sweet and Sour. Diane introduced this concept to me when we were in YWomen's together. You simply ask what the sweetest (good) part of the day was and what the sour (worst) part of the day was. It's great if you have to struggle for a sour, but sucks if you have to search for the good. Here goes:

SWEET: I beat the computer at Hearts. (It's harder than you think) I had a great chat with a friend at the park. I don't have any lice and chatted with another friend while she searched. And I'm not lazy. I thought I was lazy, but this phone conversation cleared that up...

Friend: What are you doing these days in the afternoon?
Me: Not much, this and that. I try not to commit to anything in particular.
Friend: You're not working?
Me: No. I picked up a substitute application the other day but still haven't filled it out. I figured I could turn it in, work a bunch up front, and then be picky about when and where I go. I'm lazy though and don't want to work.
Friend: You're not lazy.
Me: Yes I am. I don't know why Bill doesn't kick me in the butt and make me get to work.
(there was a lot of in between banter now about kids and school etc. that I don't remember but this was the line that got me...)
Friend: Alright. Would you be working if you didn't have kids?
Me: Yeah, I guess I would.
Friend: Then you're not lazy.
Me: OK.

SOUR: Now I feel good again and don't want to rehash the sour. Let's just say it involves the stupid dog, dying plants, a chewed up water hose, a paper-strewn lawn, an angry husband and a bit of yelling. (in that order because the first on the list was the cause of all the rest)

So now comment and give me your sweet and sour...

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April said...

I didn't know you weren't working. I thought you were the opposite of lazy. I thought you were tutoring and still trying for a job as a sub. How did I fall out of the loop? And if you blame it on your computer I wil scream!

Seriously though, anyone has a child remotely like Tasha (no offense, I have one) would never acuse you of being lazy. We get it because we're exhausted too.