Thursday, February 5, 2009

"I Guess he's Uncle Koko"

Tasha built a Mr. Potato Head this afternoon and couldn't get the hat to stay on his head.

Tasha: I guess he will just have to be Uncle Koko
Me: What?
Tasha: This potato head
Me: What are you talking about
Tasha: (showing me Mr. P.) I guess he's Uncle Koko
Me: (chuckling because I think I know the answer to this question) Oh yeah, why?
Tasha: Because Uncle Koko doesn't have any hair

Heh, heh. It's a good thing my brother doesn't read this blog. (In his defense, he shaves his head. In actuality, he doesn't have much to shave.) The funniest thing is that I tried to look online for a picture of Mr. Potato Head to post with this and could only find one that didn't have anything on it's head. It didn't look anything like my brother, and as I look at the one Tasha built... it kind of does look like Thomas. (Oh boy am I glad he doesn't read this blog!) I think it has something to do with the way he is kind of leaning forward like he's going to scream something at you, but he's really got his tongue sticking out in jest. That's my brother... he comes at you like he's angry but then he cracks a joke. Sometime the kids don't know what to do with that.

Speak of the Mr... could be just call him Mr. Head? Is Potato his first name?

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