Saturday, February 14, 2009

Dancing, Dumplings, and Drudgery

(Whoops, I forgot to hit "publish post" on this baby. I guess it will get hidden in my blog somewhere on the date I actually went to the ballet.) I just had to make the title of this post sound interesting and the 3 D's seemed to do the trick. The last word isn't really accurate, but I'll get to that later.

Dancing... tonight I attended Ballet Arizona's Romeo and Juliet with my good friend April. Bill's father has season tickets and was not able to attend, so lucky me was the happy recipient. It has been well over a year since I've attended the ballet and even longer for April, so we both thoroughly enjoyed our trek into culture for the evening. We had seats on the 2nd row (wow!) and were able to see the facial expression on all the faces of the performers. For this specific performance I think it was essential. I absolutely adored the little Polish dancer that filled the role of Benvolio, April preferred Mercuitio. The music, the dancing, the silly antics of the choreography were all simply delightful. Bravo for the ballet!

Dumplings... we went to P.F. Changs for a bite to eat afterwards (at 11:30!) and had dumplings and Orange Peel Chicken. It was extra yummy with some tangy sauce. My fortune said, "now is the time to make new friends." I threw it in the candle because I like the friends I have now. Stupid fortune cookie.

Drudgery... that 's what most people consider therapy to be. This evening turned out to be quite the opposite as we discussed how very different our views are considering we had some similarities in our upbringing. I also got April to agree that I should not go into counseling, which is quite a task since she thinks everyone could benefit from it. I'm glad I break the mold on that one. So I'm glad I can drudge through my past with friends instead of a stranger that I have to pay in cold hard cash as opposed to cookies, cleaning, and ballet tickets.


April said...

Let me explain myself. I did not say that you do not need counseling. What I said was that you probably didn't want to discuss what we were discussing in our own session. There are still lots of other things that a counselor can help anyone with. If you don't want to drudge up certain things about your past because you are over them or have happily glossed over them, then leave them out of your counselor's office. I stand ture and immovable on my claim that everyone should be in counseling!

PS Those were amazing seats and I have been dreaming about those dumplings. Mmmm!

H said...

"blah, blah, blah... you should not(see) a counselor... blah, blah, blah" that's what I heard. See how I insert words that I want to hear in appropriate places. And I'm stickin' to it.