Sunday, January 18, 2009

What I won't read about while I'm bored

I'm still radio-less at the gym and need something to occupy my walking/jogging/cycling time. Yes, I added the bike this week because I hurt my foot Thursday night and can't really do the treadmill. The added bonus of the bike is that you are hands free and your head stays pretty still and you can read just about anything. Of course, I didn't have anything with me so I was at the mercy of anything anyone left out. Another cycler graciously let me take the paper that he had discarded. YES!

The continued part of an article on Bill Bidwell. (I'll pass)

Classified Ads. Nothing good for sale, and no job openings of interest.

The Apartment guide. Now we're talkin'! There is a man upset because he thinks he is about to be evicted from his apartment for his religious practices. He smokes marijuana in the name of his religion. What?! Let's clarify for this gentleman... you're being evicted because you're breaking the law, duh!

Back to Bill Bidwell, it's all that's left. Did you know that 17 of the 20 seasons that the Cardinals have been in Phoenix they have had a loosing season?! No wonder we love them so much. Did you know we lured Bidwell and the Cardinals here with the promise of a new stadium and then he had to wait and wait and wait until we passed some sort of support of this thing in 2000? That sort of sucks for him. Did you know that his charitable contributions include sending a dozen students to private Catholic High Schools here in Phoenix? Did you know that his father owned the team before him, he died and his mother took over, then he bought his brother's share from him when they were old enough to manage it? Do you care? Bill will, and he will be happy that I now have this knowledge filed away in my "useless football information" folder. (Oops, did I really just say useless? Sorry babe.)

Aah, yes, sweaty newspaper man is finished on the bike and has left me the rest of the paper...

Psycho man beats 2 kids with a baseball bat and kills them. Old news. Or is it? Is this a cycle that is being created by an inadequate system that is letting people with mental disorders roam the streets? Apparently there was another similar situation a while back where a man blew away 2 employees gathering shopping carts at a local retail store. Both of these men were supposed to be monitored by an agency (the same agency) that was being paid by the state. Case workers had been aware that they were off their meds for several months, and that they were prone to violent behavior in the past. Hm, is our system failing us?

There may be 30% fewer tickets sent out by photo radar this year. The trigger speed for DPS is now set for 11 mph over the speed instead of 10. That may just be in the freeways tough, I'm not sure.

Nobody I know died.

Finally, AZ is one of the most prepared states as far as surviving the bird flu. We were one of 2 states that didn't fail miserably in 28 categories of preparedness. My guess would be that Utah is the other one. (?!) I wish I could remember the 4 levels of pass/fail but I believe that they were something like: good to go, needs minor plan changes, needs major plan changes, fails completely in more areas than we can possibly address in one brief. Most states fell into the final category of failing completely. AZ was one step up, let's not get too excited.

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