Monday, January 12, 2009

"I love you momma"

That's how my night ended. With a sweet, sincere, head squeezing embrace from Tasha followed by, "I love you momma." I love it when she holds my head in her sweet little arms and kisses my forehead. Sometimes she'll kiss my lips with her winter chapped lips in the morning with her little kid morning breath. This night it was toothpaste breath. She held me tight. She squeezed just right. Then after she confessed her love she became truly repentant. She said, "I'm sorry that I whined at you, and cried at you, and screamed at you." It hadn't even been that rough of a day, but she'd had her moments. Sweet child how I love you too. All is forgiven, just as it is every night when you lay in innocent slumber to begin your new day. I will love you always, no matter what you do.

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