Thursday, January 15, 2009

Dear Clint,

Thanks for being a shining example of Mr. Fixit. It doesn't matter that you are a bit OCD and that you were fixing your chair at 1 in the morning. I doesn't matter that you interrupted our card game to do it. I doesn't matter that you were at the tail end of a post-Christmas party at your house. I doesn't matter that you had spent the whole entire week before working on all parts of your home so that it wouldn't be in total disarray when all your friends came over. What matters, to me, is that when the chair needed fixing, you fixed it.
The picture below shows me that your crazy behavior can benefit me in my home. I caught Bill fixing this chair (that has been in bad shape for weeks) the very next day. Or maybe it was the same day, just later in the afternoon, I don't know.
So Clint, please let me know when you are going to clean off your carport, or maybe replace a window in your back door, or perhaps you know how to fix a warped bedroom door that doesn't shut all the way. If you do any of these things, I will make sure we happen by at any time of the day.

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Jaylee Draney said...

Don't you love that Bill's handy? It adds to a man's sexiness when they can fix things.