Thursday, January 8, 2009

Electronically Ignorant

Yes, that is what I am. I joined a gym today and I can't watch TV while I work out. Well, I guess I can WATCH it, I just can HEAR it. I need to "tune in" to hear anything they are saying, and there is only one TV there that has closed captioning. It is always on sports. Yesterday I caved and became wrapped up in the report. Bill was thrilled. Silly man though, he thought it would carry through until today and it didn't. Kurt Warner is old news now, I've moved onto Lost and think I have 4 seasons to get through before the new season starts this month. Thanks a lot April and Crystal. You guys suck!

But back to my point... how do I tune in to hear the words these people are mouthing? Scott said an MP3 player, not an iPod. Like I really know what either of those are. I know you stick something in your ear, it attaches to a cord, and then there is a little cool looking box or cylindrical object that probably has the guts of the system in it. Seriously, does life really need to be this difficult? I'd take a magazine or something to read, but the elliptical machine (I think?) doesn't have a place for it. I guess I'm stuck with the treadmill.

Someone save me! Is there an extra electronic device out there to be had? One I could borrow just to see if it works for me and I'll buy my own. I don't even know if it is supposed to have an am or fm receiver on it. Duh.


btg said...

You are going to need a device that can broadcast FM radio...Something small enough to carry or strap you your arm.

tempe turley said...

H, you need a FM receiver, since the TV will be transmitting the signal. I think almost every mp3 device except ipods have one of those.

But go to the gym and ask (maybe when I go tonight I'll investigate for you) if you're not sure what frequency (station) to tune it to.

Also, I'm sure you can switch the station if you want to, unless you find a bunch of other people watching it.

But again, I haven't done any of this. I'm content with my non-FM receiving iPod listening to my own stuff I bring in with me.

Also, I know there's a little adjustment required to get used to a new electronic device, but if you find the right device and if you are willing to work through the adjustments, you won't be able to live without it.

Good luck.

Crystal said...

congratulations on joining a gym. I wondered about that when you said you went 3 times this week. Good for you. I'm electronically ignorant too. I prefer to list to music while I work out but I used an old walk man. I don't even know if they make those anymore so I'm not much help. Ask Jared tonight. I'm sure he knows. He loves electronic thingamajiggys.

tempe turley said...


All of the tv's transmit on a FM channel with the frequency posted in a big sign underneath. So, an FM radio will do, just tune it to the number it says, and you're listening to tv.

Good luck.

H said...

Radio Shack (right next door to the gym) had a radio for $37! Sheesh. I asked about the MP3 player just for kicks and it's $50. I might just hold out and get it so I can load my own music. Then again, I'm sure Target has a cheapo radio I could buy. I'm really getting bored watching CNN and sport without sound! I had to scope out the dudes lifting weights today...(maybe that will get Bill to buy me one tomorrow! heh heh)