Monday, January 5, 2009

NTS: Grapes are Not in Season

No matter how red, juicy, and delicious that big pack of red grapes looks in the frozen tundra of Costco's refridgerated section, the grapes are niether juicy or delicious. Stop buying them! Hopefully writing this down will help me to remember.


Bridget said...

I bought some just the other day from Fry's and they were good. maybe its just Costco.

Marie said...

I too got mine from Costco. Same story different refrigerator. *humph*

P.S. But you know I am still going to eat them since I have banned myself from most unnatural sweets.

Crystal said...

I know. I hate fruit during the winter months. None of it tastes good, except the Costco cherries right now are good. Other than that the rest of them suck!

H said...

The cherries did look good, but a bit pricey. I don't usually shop at Fry's. That store is layed out funny and their customer service sucks.

Marie, have you had the sugar detox shakes yet? Those can be dangerous when you are nursing and have an infant. Please make sure you eat some fruit. Canned peaches worked for me!