Monday, January 19, 2009

Some Harvesting

I harvested some of the veggies from my garden this last week. The carrots probably were not really ready to come up, but I could not resist since I was out there. Below Tasha has a beet in her left hand (your right), then in the other picture (the one with the dog's butt) she has spinach in her right hand and a several stubby carrots in her right. YUMMY!
The girls enjoyed eating the carrots like rabbits. OK, the cartoon rabbits on TV that eat them holding the greens and munching away on the carrot. It was quite cute and they didn't even need ranch dip to eat the whole thing!

I enjoyed the spinach with a friend. I have a yummy chicken/pear/bleu cheese/spinach dish that I made for dinner one night that Bill did not care for. I thought it was fabulous and made it for myself a few times at lunch. Things always taste better if you share, so I cooked lunch for April after she brought Kyra home for me. I was right: lunch was delish, conversation was great, and I had grown my own spinach! Whee!

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