Monday, January 19, 2009

Retaking Our Bedroom

Today, thanks to MLK and a day off for Bill, we worked hard to retake our bedroom. Over the years, it has become a dumping ground for all things unwanted. We constantly had a pile by the door of things to give to Good Will, the ironing board stood behind the door and fell over often, old clothes of the kids that we didn't want to give away sat in an old laundry basket, and a file cabinet that holds my student's files and other misc. items like a broken picture frame and a Pampered Chef Glass bowl. (Anyone interested in that last item? It was replaced because one piece was broken, the bowl and lid are fine.)
We rearranged ALL the furniture. Vacuumed ALL the floors and baseboards. We cleaned several sections of the hideous wall. I moved some of the pictures, added some candles, and threw out the dead plant. And the dust... oh, the dust! We filled up the full canister in the vacuum with lots and lots of dust. Bill said we were throwing off the ecosystem by removing all the stale air and dust. It was such a beautiful day out today so we opened the window and let the fresh air in. We pulled out the winter comforter, hung it on the line, and put on new pillowcases.
FABULOUS!!! I'm so excited to go hang out in my new bedroom.
But wait. There's more. Our bedroom door has been broken for a while now. It used to stick when you shut it. Then it wouldn't shut all the way, but you could push it hard enought to make it stick. Then it wouldn't shut all the way a little less. Lately there had been a 2 inch gap because the door was so warped. You could push it this far and make it stick, but sometimes it was very difficult to get back open. Anyway, I had just about given up hope of EVER having this door fixed. We finished the bedroom and I left to take Tasha to gymnastics. When I got home...
Drum room please...
Bill fixed our door!!!
It shut all the way.
It locks.
April, eat your heart out, baby. "A brown-chick-a-brown-cow!"


Monique said...

Just a little note from someone who cares. Be careful with those candles...make sure you have a dish to catch that wax!!

If it meant brown chicken brown cow, Shaun would have taken no time at all to fix that door. LOL

Bridget said...

Woo Hoo! Men fixing things!!! I love that! I wish I had the motivation to clean my room. Its always been my favorite dumping ground.

Matthew J. said...


I fix things all the time. Happy to do it.

What is this brown chicken brown cow thing? ? ?


Crystal said...

It does look good and I like your red curtains that were there all along and I never noticed. The room looks more spacious.